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Wholistic Living Workshops

Montana Style

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These workshops are for ages 18+ • Other workshops will be offered in the Children and Youth Divisions.

Pebble Art

Attendees will be making personalized wall art with pebbles.
Creating pictures to come to life using pebbles.

Introduction to Oil Painting

If you like to paint, or want to try something new, this class is for you! We will have the supplies and a prepped 9 x 12 canvas ready to do an oil painting of a rooster or a landscape of hills, so you can start right in painting. Or you can bring your own canvas and supplies for painting in oil or acrylics, as well as your own subject matter, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded friends.

Model Rocketry

This will be a beginner level class that will include building and launching model rockets. All ages are invited to participate, with a focus on families and children. Children under ten years old will need to have parent or adult supervision to be a part of the class. Class limit is 12. Rocket kits will be provided.

Practical God-Focused Parenting

An exploration of parenting with the goal of discipling your child for the Kingdom of God, connecting with your child’s heart, and helping them reach their highest potential. This class will include concrete strategies for parenting at the various stages of childhood. Whether you are an expectant parent or parenting a teen, you will find inspiration and tools for your journey!

Thriving Together: Strategies for a Healthy and Happy Marriage

Marriage takes work. Good work. None ends up happily married for a long time without being intentional. In this workshop, we will talk about strategies to help freshen and strengthen your marriage relationship.

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Learn the basics of fly fishing for trout on Montana streams. Topics covered include fly fishing equipment, fly selection, finding trout in streams, knot tying, and fly casting. Learn the basics to help you get out on the water and have fun. Also, depending on interest, there may be an off-campus excursion for those interested on Friday.

Discover Bible School: Exceptional Sharing

Learn how to develop a Discover Bible School in your local church to reach your community more effectively in this interactive seminar.

Nature Walk

The walk will go to several sites to talk about the ecology of the area, learn some edible and medicinal plants, and have some worship thoughts.

Flintknapping: Production of Stone Tools

This class will provide attendees with an introduction to and information on materials used by ancient civilizations and today’s artists.

Juicing for Health

The benefits of juicing have been praised by many health professionals and institutions worldwide for decades. From detoxification to weight loss to restoring lost vitality, juicing is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of regaining and maintaining your health. In “Juicing for Health” we will go over these benefits in detail and sample a few simple and delicious juice recipes. Here's to your health!

Science of Breadmaking

Our God is a God of decency and order. Hence why there is science behind everything that happens. But what about the science of making bread? Is there such a thing, and does it really work? Come explore with us as we uncover the answers to these questions and so many more.

Mental Health for the Christian

In this class we will discuss the importance of mental health for the Christian. We will also learn some Biblical and psychological strategies for identifying and dealing with depression and anxiety.

Home Fitness Routines

We will discuss several aspects of home fitness, including types of exercise, habit stacking, total body fitness, basic nutrition, basic supplementation, the importance of accountability, fitting a routine into busy life, home fitness with kids, etc.

The Basics of Canning

Canning…That word can scare away the heartiest of people. But is it really that complicated or dangerous? In this class we will be covering the basics of:
• How and when to use a pressure canner
• How to use a water bath canner
• Using the oven for canning (and when that's appropriate)
• Countertop preservation

The Oasis Experience: Unburden
A Workshop for Women

Enjoy the “pause that refreshes” with other ladies as we experience the Oasis of God’s love. Bring your burdens to the Oasis and set them down at Jesus’ feet. We’ll spend time together and with God—through singing, scripture, prayer, and light refreshments.

Keys to an Effective Prayer Life

In this class you will learn ten keys for an effective prayer life.

The Structure and Function
of Small Groups Ministry

This workshop details the five pillars of a Small Group Ministry. It passionately outlines the DNA and centrality of Christ in the midst of Small Groups. The structure and flow of the weekly meetings will be outlined. This seminar will rekindle a desire to share Jesus through Small Groups ministry.

Introduction to Gardening: Home Gardening

In this class you will learn various techniques for growing a home garden.

Tour of Mount Ellis Academy

Join MEA staff for a guided campus tour where you can reminisce about the past and learn about some of the exciting opportunities that the future holds for Mount Ellis Academy.

ACS Disaster Response Certification: 4 Part Series

Participants will learn how to manage unsolicited donations in case of disaster. After a successful completion of all six hours of the class (four sessions total), and a test at the end of the class, the students will receive a certificate and can be deployed as a trained Volunteer in case of disaster.

Plant-based Cooking

This can be a scary or perhaps daunting thing. Can you actually make good plant based food? Plus, who wants to eat tofu? That stuff is just gross... or is it?
Clean off your keyring, because this class is all about giving you a few of the keys for unlocking the secrets of plant based potential.

Totally Devoted to God: Devotional Life

In this class we will discover the secret to a vibrant, power-filled Christian life and how to avoid the rabbit trails that will sap your spiritual energy and effectively rob you like Samson, of your hair. Bring your Bible!

The Oasis Experience: Refresh and Renew
A Workshop for Women

Enjoy the “pause that refreshes” with other ladies as we experience the Oasis of God’s love. Bring your burdens to the Oasis and set them down at Jesus’ feet. We’ll spend time together and with God—through singing, scripture, prayer, and light refreshments.

Guidelines for Sharing Your Faith

In this class you will learn effective ways to share your faith.

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