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ACS Disaster Response Certification: 4 Part Series

Participants will learn how to manage unsolicited donations in case of disaster. After a successful completion of all six hours of the class (four sessions total), and a test at the end of the class, the students will receive a certificate and can be deployed as a trained Volunteer in case of disaster.

Campmeeting Special. Free! Normally there is a cost to receive this certification. Class material will be provided.

Gabriele Miranda-Laub and Larry Mays

Gabriele Miranda-Laub has been the Montana Conference Coordinator for Adventist Community Services, including Disaster Response, since 2016. During Hurricane Harvey, she was deployed to assist with donations management. Before volunteering for Adventist Community Services (ACS), Gabriele worked as a Consultant in Information Technology.
Larry Mays is a former Pastor and the Coordinator for Disaster Response at the North Pacific Union. He is a contract employee with NPUC and has many years of experience teaching this class as well as hands-on experience managing donations.

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