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Daniel's Diet: Breakfasts and Lunches

Learn how to prepare and enjoy “Daniel’s Diet” with your family!
This first workshop will aim to simplify the process of cooking plant-based breakfasts and lunches, plus motivate you to dive in! Beginner-focused to help you get started at fixing plant-based food! Remember, God’s “biddings are enablings.” COL 333. It’s that simple! (Cooking demonstrations will be given in both Daniel’s Diet workshops. You may attend one or both workshops for more recipes.)

Your appetite, samples provided

JD & Alecia Harding

JD and Alecia live in the Swan Valley with their three kids. Besides cooking, they enjoy studying God’s Word, church activities, gardening, backpacking, horses, and jeeping. The past 30+ years of cooking plant-based has necessitated a collection of recipes, tips and tricks that will stand up to kids, friends and skeptics - without starving them to death! “We are excited to share these with you at Campmeeting!"

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