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Home Fitness Routines

We will discuss several aspects of home fitness, including types of exercise, habit stacking, total body fitness, basic nutrition, basic supplementation, the importance of accountability, fitting a routine into busy life, home fitness with kids, etc.

Bring to Workshop: Notebook and pen. Optional: Bring a water bottle and yoga mat. Wear loose fitting clothing suitable for light movement.

Christina & Eric Stentzel

Christina Stentzel graduated from WWU with a degree in Health Science and certified as a personal trainer. While no longer a personal trainer, she is currently a BODi partner and works with women online and in person to help create a home fitness routine to reach their goals. She believes health is a lifelong journey and the development of simple habits and routines is key to life-changing results. She is joined by her husband Eric Stentzel. Together they have built a flexible, family-friendly fitness routine in their own home with their four boys ages seven and under. Eric is pursuing greater knowledge in the areas of functional fitness and the importance of stretching. Christian also holds a M.S.Ed. in Outdoor Education and firmly believes both indoor and outdoor fitness is essential to our well-being.

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