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Juicing for Health

The benefits of juicing have been praised by many health professionals and institutions worldwide for decades. From detoxification to weight loss to restoring lost vitality, juicing is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of regaining and maintaining your health. In “Juicing for Health” we will go over these benefits in detail and sample a few simple and delicious juice recipes. Here's to your health!

Cambria Zugner

Cambria Zugner is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Her journey into the natural health world began after embarking on a lifestyle approach that healed her body and ultimately changed her life. Juicing was a large portion of this lifestyle change and today she enjoys sharing her story and helping others discover the self-healing mechanisms that God has created within all of us. Cambria has discovered firsthand that maintaining health and true healing comes when we follow God's laws of nature.

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