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Ministering to the Abused (Part 1)

Domestic violence is more prevalent than most people recognize, and yes, it even happens among church families. God’s people are called to help wherever there is hurt. Ministering To the Abused is a workshop that will empower ministry leaders to identify, support, and resource those experiencing intimate partner violence. This class is designed for pastors and anyone who holds a church office position. Please attend the Part 1 class in order to attend the Part 2 class.

June Belasco-Honoré, RN, DNP Candidate

June Belasco-Honoré is a psychiatric nurse with over a decade of experience serving the marginalized. She has a passion for helping people in emotional distress and is a certified sexual assault nurse examiner. She presently serves in the psychiatric unit at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana. She is also a Seventh-day Adventist pastor's wife.

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