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The Basics of Canning

Canning…That word can scare away the heartiest of people. But is it really that complicated or dangerous? In this class we will be covering the basics of:
• How and when to use a pressure canner
• How to use a water bath canner
• Using the oven for canning (and when that's appropriate)
• Countertop preservation

Jessica Mandigo

I was born to a family who was very self-sufficient. From a young age I've found simple joy in growing and preserving food, making bread, and cooking for my family or anyone else who happened to be around. At the age of 21 my sister and I opened a plant based restaurant and bakery for a self supporting ministry. Creating and formulating recipes in the kitchen, as well as teaching other people the science behind what happens when various combinations are made, has always been a love of mine. Be prepared to come with your thinking caps installed and ready, as we scratch the surface of bread making, canning, & plant based cooking.

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