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Wilderness Survival

If you packed a bag with everything you might need to survive an emergency scenario, the bag would be huge and heavy, and you would quickly give up carrying it with you everywhere you go. Wilderness survival is more than carrying the right gear or knowing how to tie a dozen different knots. In this workshop we will be exploring survival mindsets and psychology, situational awareness, skills that can’t be left behind, simple gear choices that can be carried with you every day, and we will dig into real-life survival scenarios. If you have a survival kit, pack, or bug-out bag, bring it, and we can analyze it together.

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway grew up in Montana and is a lifelong outdoor adventurer. He enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, overlanding, and exploring the most remote parts of the country. As a father of three boys and as the Pathfinder Director in Kalispell for nearly 20 years, Josh especially enjoys sharing the outdoors with young people and teaching the skills he has accumulated over the years. A confirmed gear enthusiast, Josh can spend hours researching and testing the latest outdoor gear.

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