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With 11 elementary schools and 1 academy, our conference is a strong supporter of Adventist Education.  Montana churches are dedicated in making sure that SDA schools are one of the most important parts of their local budgets. Mt. Ellis Academy, one of the oldest boarding schools in North America, has been offering a quality Christian education for well over a hundred years. God has blessed our schools and we know that Christian education is an investment in our young people and communities.

Lynx Monthly Forms

Most Lynx forms are due to the Conference the first Thursday of the month. Click below to access forms by month and see their due date.

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Substitute Teacher Form 

Teacher Forms

School Board Minutes, Financial Reports, and Lynx Forms are always due the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted.



Due September 2, unless otherwise specified

Please include all forms in one email and send them to


Due October 7, unless otherwise specified

Due November 4, unless otherwise specified


Due December 2, unless otherwise specified

  • November Calendar

  • November School Board Minutes

  • October Financial Report


Due January 6, unless otherwise specified


Due February 3, unless otherwise specified 

  • January Calendar                                            

  • January School Board Minutes

  • December Financial Report 


Due March 3, unless otherwise specified


Due April 7, unless otherwise specified


Due May 5, unless otherwise specified


Due June 9