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New Pathfinder Director for Montana

In a slight transition for the Pathfinders ministry within the Montana Conference, a new leader has been chosen as the Conference Pathfinder Director. Josh Holloway, formerly the Conference area coordinator, will succeed Renae Young as the Conference Pathfinder Director.

Josh Holloway, an experienced Master Guide, has a strong background in Pathfinder leadership, which is marked by a commitment to nurturing youth and fostering their spiritual development. His time as a local club leader has been characterized by a passion for developing outdoor skills, providing mentorship, and instilling values of service and community among Pathfinders. Josh has successfully led the Pathfinder club in Kalispell for several years, ensuring the young people experience engaging activities while learning life skills and deepening their understanding of God.

Holloway's volunteer position is not just a change in leadership; it's a strategic move towards empowering lay leaders for a variety of ministries within the Montana Conference. This decision aligns with the Conference's vision of leveraging diverse talents and experiences to enrich its ministries. Working alongside a team of other dedicated ministry lay leaders, Holloway is eager to foster growth and explore new ideas within the Pathfinders program, bringing a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the role.

A key event on the horizon is the International Camporee scheduled to take place in Gillette, WY, from August 5-11, 2024. Holloway will ensure the Conference clubs are prepared with a spirit of camaraderie and adventure essential for a memorable and spiritually reviving camporee experience.

Holloway's appointment indicates a continued commitment to the mission of training and empowering youth by fostering their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Please pray for Josh and his family as they lead out in this next adventure.

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