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Thursday 9:00 - 10:15 a.m.

JD & Alecia Harding

Daniel's Diet: Breakfasts and Lunches

Learn how to prepare and enjoy “Daniel’s Diet” with your family!
This first workshop will aim to simplify the process of cooking plant-based breakfasts and lunches, plus motivate you to dive in! Beginner-focused to help you get started at fixing plant-based food! Remember, God’s “biddings are enablings.” COL 333. It’s that simple! (Cooking demonstrations will be given in both Daniel’s Diet workshops. You may attend one or both workshops for more recipes.)

Stephen Carlile

Digital Evangelism Workshop: Equipping Churches for Online Mission

This workshop is a comprehensive training session designed to empower churches to effectively share the gospel in today's digital landscape. Attendees will learn essential strategies, tools, and best practices for leveraging technology, websites, and social media platforms to reach people with the message of hope and salvation. Join us to transform your church's online presence into a powerful tool for advancing the kingdom of God in the digital realm.

Ryan Kilgore

Fly Fishing (Part 1)

Learn the basics of fly fishing for trout on Montana streams. Topics covered include fly fishing equipment, fly selection, finding trout in streams, knot tying, and fly casting. Learn the basics to help you get out on the water and have fun. Also, depending on interest, there may be an off-campus excursion for those interested on Friday.

Melissa Bradshaw

Growing Families with God's Word

Following the advice in the Master Gardener manual, we’ll learn how to cultivate the ground God has given us to care for. This seminar will provide tried-and-tested solutions for families looking to prepare for eternity. We will discover tools and methods that will give families the best opportunity for growing according to God's plan.

Joe Story

Intro to Amateur Radio (Part 1)

This class will help you start preparing to get your Technician Amateur Radio license. Besides the fun of talking with other HAMS, amateur radio is useful in crisis response and emergency work. This class is required for attending Intro to Amateur Radio (Part 2) on Friday morning.

June Belasco-Honoré, RN, DNP Candidate

Ministering to the Abused (Part 1)

Domestic violence is more prevalent than most people recognize, and yes, it even happens among church families. God’s people are called to help wherever there is hurt. Ministering To the Abused is a workshop that will empower ministry leaders to identify, support, and resource those experiencing intimate partner violence. This class is designed for pastors and anyone who holds a church office position. Please attend the Part 1 class in order to attend the Part 2 class.

Cambria Zugner, HHP, CCN

Natural Remedies

There’s a pharmacy in your kitchen! This class will go over the top five healing remedies that most people already have on hand at all times. Join us to learn simple and effective ways to naturally treat the most common health issues. The only side effect is good health! “And God saw that it was good.” (Gen. 1:31)

Jim Jenkins

Preaching God's Word

When the pastor is gone on Sabbath, who preaches in his place? That person could be you! In this workshop, we will cover the basics of preparing and preaching a Bible-based sermon. Please bring your Bible with you.

Josh Holloway

Wilderness Survival

If you packed a bag with everything you might need to survive an emergency scenario, the bag would be huge and heavy, and you would quickly give up carrying it with you everywhere you go. Wilderness survival is more than carrying the right gear or knowing how to tie a dozen different knots. In this workshop we will be exploring survival mindsets and psychology, situational awareness, skills that can’t be left behind, simple gear choices that can be carried with you every day, and we will dig into real-life survival scenarios. If you have a survival kit, pack, or bug-out bag, bring it, and we can analyze it together.

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