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ACS partners with Red Cross and FEMA to help with the fires in Lincoln County, Montana

Wildfires have been raging in Lincoln County, Montana, as well as neighboring Flathead and Sanders Counties. Hot and dry weather, high winds and dry lightening strikes have ignited and fueled the flames near and far. Mandatory evacuations were ordered and shelters requested. Citizens are highly vigilant and anxiously taking their families, pets, and livestock to safety. We are aware and awake, and we look UP, 'for our redemption draweth nigh'.

ACS was able to partner with the Red Cross and provide several cleaning buckets and FEMA masks to support the sheltering effort. The cleaning buckets help people make their fire or smoke-damaged homes comfortable again. Thank you to all the volunteers, ACS, Red Cross and other VOAD partners that are ready to lend a helping hand!

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